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What is a drip edge?

Drip edge is a type of metal flashing used to protect the roof from water damage. It is installed at the eaves and rakes of a roof, along with other areas where two different surfaces meet. Drip edges are typically made from galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper and are shaped into an L-profile. The lower portion of the drip edge extends outward beyond the roofing material, directing water away from seams and shingle edges to prevent moisture from seeping up under the shingles and causing rot, mold, and other types of damage. Drip edge is usually installed by laying it over the sheathing before applying roof covering such as asphalt shingles or tile. It should be installed with its long side parallel to the fascia boards to ensure proper drainage, and nails should be driven through both sides to secure it against wind uplift during storms or high winds. It is important to ensure there is enough overlap between pieces of drip edge on low-slope roofs to prevent leakage due to gaps between sections. Some homeowners choose colored versions of drip edge to match their existing trim better than plain silver ones.

Why is it important?

Installing drip edge on your home is an important way to protect your roof and underlying components from water damage. Drip edge directs rainwater away from the eaves, preventing water infiltration and structural damage. It also enhances the appearance of your roof and helps to keep shingles in place by preventing water from seeping underneath them and causing them to curl or buckle. Drip edge can also prevent ice dams from forming along the eaves in cold weather, and it can help reduce energy costs by creating a barrier between warm and cool air. Properly installed drip edge also provides additional support for gutters, helping to keep them clear of debris and preventing clogs and overflows. Overall, drip edge is an essential component of any residential roofing project, as it helps to maintain both the form and function of the roof.

Why should I hire Big Orange Gutters to install my drip edge?

Big Orange Gutters is the ideal choice for anyone looking to install drip edge on their home. They offer a wide range of services and have a long history of providing high-quality work at competitive prices. Their team of experts knows how to properly install drip edge to ensure it lasts longer and looks better than other brands. All of their products come with a 10-year warranty against defects or breakage due to normal wear and tear, giving you peace of mind about your investment. Big Orange Gutters stays up-to-date on the latest trends in gutter installation technology and uses top-quality materials like aluminum sheets, vinyl flashing, and rubber seals to ensure every job looks great and lasts longer. They can also create custom designs to meet your specific needs and preferences. Big Orange Gutters has a reputation for fast turnaround times and friendly customer service, and all of their technicians go through extensive training before being allowed on job sites. If you want to protect your home from water damage and ensure a high-quality installation, Big Orange Gutters is the company to choose.