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What gauge of metal do you use?

There are two standard thicknesses for seamless aluminum gutters (.027″ and .032″), the larger of which is roughly 18% thicker. Thicker metal is preferred in northern climates where there are higher temperature fluctuations. Thinner metal is preferred in southern climates to put less weight on the eaves of the house. As a company, it is our policy to use .032″ aluminum north of the Kentucky/Ohio border and .027″ anywhere south of the Kentucky/Ohio border. If you have a specific request for your particular installation, let us know and we can accommodate.

What size are your gutters?

For residential K-Style gutter systems, there are 5″ and 6″ options. Our company only deals in 6″ or larger gutter installation. Six inch gutters are more than sufficient for 99% of residential gutter systems.

What size are your downspouts?

For installation with 6″ gutter systems, it is standard practice to install 3″x4″ downspouts. Under very rare circumstances we can provide different sizes to accommodate specific situations that may require it.

What are your color options?

The colors available will depend on the geographic area you are in. It is standard practice for manufacturers to supply gutter coil options that will match the colors of the materials that are used to trim your windows and doors. Chances are we will have a color that will work perfectly for your home.

Why shouldn’t I get 5” gutters?

The difference in cost for the material to install 5″ gutter systems and 6″ gutter systems is negligible. 6″ gutter systems can handle at least 30% more volume than 5″ gutter systems. The primary reason that small companies still offer 5″ gutter systems is oftentimes due to the costs incurred when upgrading machinery to handle 6” gutters.  If you plan to spend money on your gutters, investing in a 6″ gutter system is a smart, long-term financial decision.

Why is water flowing behind my gutters?

Water flows behind your gutters for one of two reasons:

  1. If your gutters are clogged, the water cannot escape as fast as it is flowing in.  This leads to water overflow at the front and rear of your gutters.
  2. If you do not have the proper flashing installed on your roof, or do not have enough of a shingle overhang, the water can hug the edge of your roof and pour down the facia board behind your gutters. This is not indicative of a gutter problem, but rather of a roof flashing problem. Most reputable gutter companies will offer to install that flashing with your new gutters, if you request it.
    What warranties and guarantees do you offer?

    Our company offers workmanship warranties on all of our installations. We can also give you information on materials warranties, depending on which products you are purchasing.  These warranties can range from 25 to 40 years.

    What type of screens do you use?

    Our company has installed almost every type of screen that is available on the market today. We have narrowed down our products that we offer to two different screens: Leaf Blaster Pro (a high-end product with a 40-year warranty) and Bulldog (a very popular mid-grade product with a 25-year warranty).

    Do your employees have insurance?

    Yes. We have all required insurance coverages including General Liability and Workman’s Comp.

    Do you use subcontractors?

    Not in the sense that most of our competitors do. It is common practice in the remodeling industry for companies to classify their installers as 1099 contractors. Where we differ from most remodeling companies is we train our installers, inspect the quality of their work, own the machinery they use, and purchase all materials that they use on job sites. 

    We classify our installers as 1099 contractors to allow them to take time off as they need, turn down jobs they are not comfortable with, and pick up side jobs to make sure they can cover their bills during the winter when we slow down.

    We do not hire installers or crews from online advertisements.  When home improvement companies hire laborers in this manner, it often results in inexperienced workers going out on jobs the next day. This means these hired helpers are working on customers’ properties with a potential lack of experience and expertise.

    Do you install seamless gutters?

    Yes. Every reputable gutter company installs seamless gutters. We have not yet met any competing company or crew that still installs seamed gutters.

    What type of brackets do you use and how far apart do you install them?

    Like us, nearly the entire gutter industry today now uses hidden gutter hangers for brackets and installs them every 18-24 inches. There are a few larger retail gutter companies whose sales representatives place an emphasis on installing hangers every 12 inches. This is not necessary, except for the purpose of supporting vinyl screens so they do not collapse into the gutter. A gutter system installed with hangers every 24″ is reinforced strongly enough to sustain decades of winters.

    Is there an additional charge to take down the existing gutters?

    No, there is no additional charge.

    How soon after we choose your company can you install?

    There are times when we can install projects within a few days from the sale, and other times where we are booked up three weeks in advance. If your project requires us to meet a specific deadline, please communicate that to us when we give you the estimate and we can accommodate.